Grendel of the Frost is a Troll and a boss in God of War (2018).


Grendel was a legendary Troll, the strongest and most feared of the Stone Troll Tribe. He was granted the title of "The Frost", the name they held in the highest regard, to honour and revere him.

He was eventually given the duty to guard the Black Rune of Jötunheim in Týr's Vault, a position he shared with his fiery counterpart.

God of War (2018)

After Kratos and Atreus finally retrieved the Black Rune, both Grendels awoke and engaged against the invaders in combat. Despite their teamwork, they were ultimately defeated.

Powers and Abilities

Grendel was known as the strongest and most feared member of the Stone Troll Tribe, earning the title of "The Frost" because of his great strength. As a Frost Troll, each blow he delivers can freeze and slow down his opponent.

He can impale his large totem to the ground which creates surrounding earth grenades that can blind his enemies, can swing around his totem with great force and has the ability to shoot blinding ash from his fingertips.



  • Grendel was a creature in the epic Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf. Though never specifically identified as a Troll, the creature is often depicted with Trollish features.
  • He is the last Frost Troll encountered in the game.
  • Both he and his counterpart are the only Trolls that don't have a stun meter, thus can't be killed with a cinematic finisher.
  • Grendel of the Frost can be damaged by any of the furnaces burning in Tyr's Temple.
    • It is best to approach these furnaces while confronting the Frost Troll
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