Grendel of the Ashes is Troll and a boss in God of War (2018).


Grendel of the Frost's fire counterpart, he was given the title of "The Ashes" among the Fire Trolls in order to honor his strength.

Both him and his ice counterpart where tasked with guarding the Black Rune of Jötunheim sealed in Týr's Vault.

God of War (2018)

After a foreign God and his son reach the center of Týr's Vault and retrieve the Black Rune, the Grendels awake from their slumber and attack the two Gods, but both Trolls are eventually defeated.

Powers and Abilities

Like his Frost counterpart, this Grendel has a considerable amount of strength since he was appointed as a guardian in Týr Vault. His Fire attribute also allows him to burn his enemies with each strike.

And like his Grendel brother he is strong enough to spin around his totem at great speeds, can create blinding grenades by slamming the earth with his totem and can shoot ashes that blind his opponents from his fingers.



  • Grendel was a creature in the epic Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf. Though never specifically identified as a Troll, the creature is often depicted with Trollish features.
  • He is the third Fire Troll encountered in the game.
  • Both he and his counterpart are the only Trolls that don't have a stun meter, thus can't be killed with a cinematic finisher.
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