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Grave Digger 'Zeus' costume

The Grave Digger is a playable character that can only be used in the Combat Arena. When selecting this costume, the battle starts as the Grave Digger, then he automatically turns into Zeus himself, who uses the Blade of Olympus and the Gauntlet of Zeus.

Zeus' abilities cannot be upgraded by red orbs, and pressing the start button will only open the select menu. Additionally, Zeus only has basic Square, Triangle, and Circle button attacks, as well as a dodge technique and a long-range lightning bolt attack. He cannot guard, or use any magic, and he cannot initiate Quick Time Events either. If any of the directional buttons are pressed, Zeus will taunt his enemies. After losing all of his health, he will perform a powerful attack that will greatly damage enemies in the arena and will resurrect after this event.

Unlocking him

The Grave Digger is unlocked by breaking all of the Orbs and obtaining the bonus content inside of them in the Temple of Zeus (via being selected in the Treasures menu), going down the secret passageway, and capturing the Grave Digger's Shovel which is found at the end of the tunnel.


  • Basic Combo: Zeus swings the Blade of Olympus - Square, Square Square, Square, Square
  • Heavy attack (Also known as Olympic Thunder in Gow:CoO - See The Gauntlet of Zeus ) : Zeus uses his Gauntlet to cause an electric shockwave - Triangle
  • Heavy Combo: Zeus rises up after a shockwave and back down with another - Hold Triangle, Triangle
  • Special attack: Zeus tackles the foe with The Gauntlet of Zeus. Leaves the enemy stunned for a short period of time and breaks Armor - Circle
  • Magic attack (Also known as Divine Retribution in GoW II - See The Blade of Olympus): Zeus uses The Blade of Olympus to shoot a long range lightning bolt. Can chain between nearby enemies - R / R1
  • Dodge or Evade: Zeus dodges the enemies' attacks by Holding L + Pad Analog (Hold L1 + L-Pad in PS3)
  • Taunt: Zeus taunts his Enemies - Directional Buttons 
  • Taunts

If the player pushes the directional buttons Zeus will perform a taunt.

  • Feel the power of Olympus! - Up
  • Die, Mortal! - Right
  • Insolent fool! - Down
  • I will crush you! - Left


  • The Evading that Zeus uses in Ghost of Sparta is the same that he uses against Kratos in God of War II. Its color changes into Yellow in it.
  • The Dodging move that Kratos uses (L+R and Pad Analog) isn't the same that Zeus uses (Hold L+ Pad Analog)

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