All-Father, your presence honors me, but now is not the best time.

–Gróa's last words

Gróa was a powerful Jötunn seeress in Norse Mythology, and the wife of Aurvandil.

Norse Mythology

Gróa is a völva and practitioner of seiðr, the wife of Aurvandil the Bold.

In the God of War Series

The Lost Pages of Norse Myth

Gróa was a gifted seeress who at some point married Aurvandil, a Jötunn warrior. At some point, Thor asked for Aurvandil's help for a quest in Vanaheim. During the quest, Aurvandil apparently suffered from a bout of frostbite and had to be carried by Thor, who eventually lost Aurvandil in the tundra.

After his disappearance, Gróa traversed the Realms looking for ancient tomes that would augment her prophetic powers in order to discover Aurvandil's whereabouts. In the process, Gróa became one of the most powerful practitioners of seiðr in the Realms, so powerful in fact that even Odin often asked for her knowledge.

However, she still could not find out anything about her husband's whereabouts. After reading the runic incantations in an ancient tome, her powers became so great that she saw a vision about Ragnarök: a three-year winter (the Fimbulwinter) where the Realms quaked and the skies split, a horrible terror emerging with a flaming sword, an enormous wolf (Fenrir), Gods fighting against each other (The Aesir-Vanir war), and a white ghost from another land with his son.

Odin felt her vision, and paid a visit to Gróa's library, demanding to know what she had seen in her vision. Gróa hesitated, and Odin threatened to kill her, while confessing that Thor had killed Aurvandil. After hearing this, Gróa refused to tell Odin anything, and was strangled to death by Odin, who took all her knowledge in the process.


  • Gróa was the first person to ever foresee the coming of Ragnarök.
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