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Kratos with the Golden Fleece in GoW III

The original design of the Fleece in the GoW II demo.

"The Fleece is the key to Medusa's Temple." - Last Argonaut

"This Golden Fleece has the power to deflect approaching weapons and thrust them back to those who deliver them." - Gaia

Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, the Golden Fleece was the fleece of a sacred golden ram. It was said to possess special powers. The Greek hero Jason, along with his crew of men, the "Argonauts" went on an epic quest in search of this mystical item.

In God of War II

In God of War II, the Golden Fleece is a powerful golden armlet, which once belonged to Jason. Kratos defeats the Mole Cerberus that ate Jason and obtains the Golden Fleece. It allows him to not only block and counter enemy attacks, but to also deflect enemy projectiles and throw them back at his attackers. The Fleece is incredibly useful in situations involving large groups of enemies including Gorgons. If a Gorgon uses its stone stare and Kratos successfully deflects it, every enemy on screen will turn to stone, including the one who cast the attack. After obtaining it, Kratos must then use the Fleece to solve various puzzles on the Island of Creation, which mainly consist of reflecting the beams of statues blocking his path. The Fleece can also be a very useful item in fights against bosses such as Euryale, Lahkesis and Zeus.

In God of War III

Kratos still wears the Fleece, using it in the same way as the previous game. It is undamaged by his trip through the River Styx (unlike the Blades of Athena), although it does lose most of its abilities. The Fleece's growth is tied to the Blades of Exile, gaining new moves as the weapons are leveled up. Like most of Kratos' items and weapons, the Fleece was finally destroyed when Zeus' spirit launched a surprise attack on the Ghost of Sparta.


Golden Fleece - abilities.jpg

  • Argo's Return - Press L1 before being hit to reflect an attack, projectile, or beam. L1
  • Argo's Revenge - After a successful parry, press Square to do a powerful counterattack, damaging all nearby enemies. L1 + Square.
  • In God of War III, the fleece has different abilities, and a new move performed with L1 + Triangle.


  • The Fleece is powerful enough to deflect a blow from the Blade of Olympus itself.
  • During the God of War II demo, the Fleece had a different model, sporting small spikes and only covering part of Kratos' arm. Instead of ripping it out from the cerberus, he took it from a pedestal.
  • Interestingly, the Golden Fleece has a spot of blood on it in GoW III. The reasons for this are unknown, although this could be because the developers didn't have the necessary tools to make this spot appear in GoW II, and they had to abandon it. It is probably from Jason's arm, the Mole Cerberus' body, or any of the many bloody battles Kratos participated in.
  • In God of War III, Zeus wears a similarly designed armlet on his left arm, somewhat fitting since Kratos wears the Golden Fleece on his right arm. It is very likely that this is Zeus's Aegis.
  • In God of War: Ghost of Sparta , Deimos wears on his right shoulder an armlet similar to the Golden Fleece Kratos wears in God of War II .