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The God of War Collection is a remastered port of God of War and God of War II for the PlayStation 3 on a single Blu-ray Disc, and was originally to be released in North America on November 10, 2009.

Its intention was to introduce new players to the series before God of War III's release.

At E3 2013, a PS Vita version of God of War Collection was announced.


The release of the Collection was pushed back to November 17, 2009. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced that the collection would be released late 2009. On December 17, 2009 on the European PlayStation Blog, it was announced that God of War Collection would be included in the God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition. This "Ultimate Trilogy Edition" was released in limited quantities at the same time as the main God of War III launch on March 19, 2010 in Europe, and on March 18, 2010 in Australia and New Zealand. It was released in Europe, Australia and New Zealand on 30th April 2010. The game was released in Japan as a standalone on March 18, 2010 and published by Capcom, who has published the other God of War games released in Japan. It was also released in Japan in a special God of War III Trilogy Edition, which includes God of War III and God of War Collection. The "Trilogy Edition" was released at the same time as the main God of War III launch in Japan on March 25th, 2010.


The games were ported by Bluepoint Games and have been remastered in full 720p HD with anti-aliasing, running at 60 FPS. The port was derived from feedback of fans of the series in anticipation for God of War III's release, and is seen as a way to introduce new players to the series prior to that game's release. In a PlayStation Blog entry, posted on September 23, 2009, it was revealed that a God of War III voucher to download the E3 2009 demo would be included on the disc. The official gameplay trailer was released on October 16, 2009. The trailer was shown in PlayStation Home's virtual theater as well as an advertising poster on the side of the virtual mall.


There is a total of 71 trophies between the two games - 36 for God of War and 35 for God of War II - including a platinum trophy for each game.


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