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God of War (Soundtrack)

The soundtrack of the God of War video game, composed by Gerard Marino, Mike Reagan, Winifred Phillips, Ron Fish and Cris Velasco. It was released on March 1, 2005 in the United States by Sony Computer Entertainment as an exclusive product for the Sony Connect Music Store. It was also offered as a free download for game owners via a coupon code found in the manual.

Track List
No. Title Composer Length
1. Escape from Madness Gerard Marino 0:38
2. The Vengeful Spartan Gerard Marino 1:21
3. Kratos and the Sea Gerard Marino 2:21
4. Have Faith Gerard Marino 1:21
5. The Splendour of Athens Mike Reagan 2:09
6. This City Will Be Your Grave Gerard Marino 0:24
7. Ares Destroys Athens Mike Reagan 1:13
8. Mind the Cyclops Mike Reagan 2:09
9. Athenian Battle Mike Reagan 3:07
10. Exploring the Ruins Winifred Philips 2:02
11. Athens Rooftops Fighting Gerard Marino 2:39
12. Save the Oracle Challenge Gerard Marino 1:35
13. Kratos Evil Past Gerard Marino 2:01
14. Too Late Gerard Marino 1:58
15. The Great Sword Bridge of Athena Gerard Marino 2:17
16. What the Oracle Spoke Gerard Marino 1:09
17. The Story of Cronos Gerard Marino 1:17
18. Battle the Lethal Sirens Mike Reagan 2:28
19. The Temple of Pandora Ron Fish 0:36
20. Pandoran Cyclops Attack Ron Fish 1:42
21. The Architect's Mysteries Ron Fish 2:00
22. Zeus Wrath Divine Cris Velasco 3:04
23. The Underwater World of Poseidon Winifred Philips 3:04
24. Minotaur Boss Battle Cris Velasco 1:57
25. Burning Visions Ron Fish 1:15
26. Pandora's Box Winifred Philips 1:00
27. Hades, God of the Underworld Cris Velasco 1:13
28. The Fury of Ares Ron Fish 1:26
29. Duel With Ares Mike Reagan, Cris Velasco 2:26
30. Enthroned on Mount Olympus Winifred Philips 1:57
31. God of War End Title Gerard Marino 5:06
Total Length: 58:55

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