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A film adaptation of God of War was announced in 2005. Nearly one week prior to the release of God of War II in the United States, creator David Jaffe confirmed that a completed script had been penned by David Self and would be sending it out to an unspecified "huge-name director." Jaffe also expressed interest in seeing actor Djimon Hounsou in the role of the protagonist, Kratos. "You'd have to get past the fact that Djimon is black, and Kratos isn't, but in terms of the way he looks and his acting ability and his physique — I can't think of a better choice." Fans all over the globe have displayed support.

In September 2009, Brett Ratner confirmed he was working on a God of War film, with Stig Asmussen later stating he had no part in its creative control, and didn't really know where the film was headed. Asmussen then issued the following statement:
"I don't believe anything other than a script has transpired at this stage. I think as part of the agreement that (the movie studio) is supposed to (consult us), so if we hear something, than we'll know. But at this point and in the past two years, we've heard nothing."

David Jaffe, creator of God of War, thinks it's very doubtful the film is going anywhere, since it has been over two years, and nothing had been heard since. Sony Santa Monica's director of product development John Hight added he thinks it's part of the agreement that a studio is supposed to consult them if anything would happen, so they would know.

It has been confirmed that a God of War movie is in production. UGO caught up with God of War creator David Jaffe and God of War 3 game director Stig Asmussen about what's going on with the movie.

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