God of War (also known as God of War IV) is the upcoming sequel to God of War III as well as a continuation of the canon God of War chronology. God of War is the eighth installment in the franchise overall. Unlike previous installments, this game will focus on Norse mythology and will follow an older Kratos in the years since God of War III. The game is intended to release on April 20, 2018. God of War will be an exclusive PlayStation 4 launch.[1]


Many years have passed since Kratos took his vengeance against the Olympian gods. Having survived his final encounter with his father Zeus, Kratos now lives with his young son Atreus in the world of the Norse gods, a savage land inhabited by many ferocious monsters and warriors. In order to teach his son how to survive in such a world, Kratos must master the rage that has driven him for many years and embrace his newfound role as a father and mentor.

Items and Abilities


  • Leviathan Axe: In the E3 2016 gameplay trailer, Kratos' main weapon seems to be a War Axe, replacing his double-chained blades (having lost the latter at the third game's conclusion). In combat, it appears that the Axe has certain magical properties like the ability to freeze enemies when thrown. Similar to World Weapons in Ascension, the Axe can be discarded, but only temporarily, as Kratos can summon it back to his hand. Kratos can also use the Axe to cut down certain objects in the environment such as explosives. The weapon itself has connections to Kratos' wife, Atreus, and Jormungandr as Kratos summons the beast with it.
  • Kratos' Fists: In the E3 2016 gameplay trailer, when he was disarmed, Kratos used his fists to finish an opponent.
  • Bow and Arrow: In the E3 2016 gameplay trailer, Kratos' son uses bow and arrow to hunt and later assist his father in fighting a troll. While usually, the arrow's fletching is usually red in the E3 2017 trailer they appear to be green, leading to the belief that the weapons can be upgraded.
  • Collapsible Shield: In the E3 2017 trailer, Kratos has a gauntlet that transforms into a circular shield for parrying blows and wide-ranged attacks. The leaked Collector's Edition suggests that there will be multiple shields. It appears that the shield also can combo into stronger Axe attacks as seen in the PGW trailer.


  • Spartan Rage: In the E3 2016 gameplay trailer, it is shown that if Kratos gets angry enough, he can access the Spartan Rage, increasing his speed and strength. It appears that this can be used to finish enemies as well, as seen in his battle with the Troll.
  • Head of Mimir: During the E3 2017 trailer a bearded head with a glowing eye is seen on Kratos' person. It is shown blinking and looking around at times. In the story trailer, it is confirmed that the head is that of Mimir, god of knowledge and wisdom.
  • There is also an item in which Kratos can summon his the memories of his wife to teach Atreus new skills


  • Armor Rune: In the extended gameplay, shown at E3, there is an alternative route explored, where Kratos finds an Armor Rune, as a collectible.
  • Boat: Kratos and Atreus will use a boat to navigate the in-game area.


  • Unknown Earth Magic: In the Lost Pages podcast, it is mentioned that Kratos would be able to manipulate the earth itself with the use of runes


  • Kratos: The main character of the game. After the events of God of War III, Kratos seemed to have moved to Scandinavia and has started a family. He has become older and wiser, and he has better control over his temper, his actions are no longer simply based on rage and anger, and he shows moments of regret at lashing out. However, he does this to discipline his son and tells him that not to be sorry, but be better.
  • Atreus: In the E3 2016 gameplay trailer, Kratos is testing his son, Atreus, to see how he hunts. The boy, however, is impulsive and untrained, leading him to make mistakes.
  • Atreus' mother: In the E3 2016 gameplay trailer, Atreus' mother and Kratos' supposed second wife is briefly mentioned by Kratos, and it is revealed that she taught him to hunt.
  • Norse Gods: It is confirmed that some of the Norse gods will appear in the game, however, whether they serve as antagonists or as sources of help remains unknown.
  • The Witch in the Woods: In the E3 2017 trailer, this woman appears in two scenes. Her first appearance is telling Kratos that the Norse Gods do not tolerate his presence in their realm and her second appearance is when she tells Kratos that Atreus is not his past but his son and that he needs his father.
  • Sindri and Brok (Huldra Brothers): In the E3 2017 trailer, two dwarves are seen, one where Kratos throws his Axe at, and another is seen giving him an item to presumably upgrade his axe. They will be quarreling and they are the ones who have not only forged Mjolnir but Leviathan as well.
  • Mímir: A wise man that asks to be beheaded.

The Lost Pages of Norse Myth

Note: These characters are only mentioned in The Lost Pages podcast so far.

  • Groa: A powerful seer looking for her lost husband Aurvandil.
  • Aurvandil: Groa's husband, who went missing after setting out for Vanaheimr with Thor.
  • Odin: The All-Father of Norse mythology.
  • Thor: God of Thunder and son of Odin.
  • Thamur: A Jötunn stonemason who was killed by Thor following an argument with his son Harinthur
  • Harinthur: The prideful son of Thamur who unwittingly caused the death of his father by running away after a fight with his father.


Note: Some names are speculative and only based on their appearances

  • Draugr: In the E3 2016 gameplay trailer, the first enemies Kratos faces, are a group of humanoids, as tall as men. When fighting these creatures, Kratos can kill them with his axe or with his bare hands. They appear to be elemental in nature as they bleed lava when hit. They appeared again in the E3 2017 gameplay trailer.
  • Troll: In the E3 2016 gameplay trailer, Kratos and his son are attacked by this giant creature. The troll has giant tusks and looks like a replacement of the cyclopes or the Juggernauts from previous installments. He wields a giant pillar as a weapon. Just like the undead, he appears to possess the element of fire as he is able to turn his limbs into lava, before slamming them into the ground, melting the earth beneath. He can also throw lava at Kratos, from his fingertips. Another troll appears in the E3 2017 gameplay trailer, where it smacked Kratos with its pillar, seemingly sending him flying over a cabin.
  • Dragon (Possibly): in the end of the E3 2016 gameplay trailer after Kratos taught his son how to kill a deer, a dragon, or perhaps even a wyvern, appears in the distant sky.
  • Jörmungandr: At the end of the E3 2016 gameplay trailer after Kratos taught his son how to hunt, a giant snake can be seen in the background, which is Jörmungandr, the world serpent. In the E3 2017 trailer, Jörmungandr appears to Kratos and Atreus while on a boat in the sea, offering them help.
  • Dire Wolves: One can be seen at Dauthamunni during the E3 2016 trailer. In the E3 2017 trailer, two of them briefly appear through the fog with glowing eyes.
  • Ogre: In the E3 2017 Trailer, these gorilla looking beasts are seen throughout.
  • Revenant: These are the creatures seen in the fog in the E3 2017 trailer
  • Soul Eater: In the PGW 2017 trailer, this large Draugr-like creature is seen rising from the ground and opening a gate.
  • Loki (Possibly): The Norse God of tricks. In the E3 2017 trailer, he is presumably heard when he tells Kratos about the Gods of Olympus.
  • Fafnir:
  • Jötunn: In the E3 2017 trailer, a dead Jötunn is seen


  • God of War (2018) is the first game that doesn't focus on Greek mythology, as it has changed the narrative to Norse mythology. It is also first game to feature two characters throughout the gameplay (though in God of War III Pandora accompanied Kratos during certain segments of the game, she was not playable). It will also be the first game to feature another playable character besides Kratos, as Atreus will be playable in certain segments of the game.
    • It is, however, not the first time the God of War franchise features characters from a different mythology. God of War: Chains of Olympus featured aspects of Persian and Arab mythology, in the forms of the Basilisk and the Efreet, and God of War II features the Kraken.
  • Kratos appears to have a son now, implying he remarried.
    • However, like his first wife, his son's mother appears to be deceased or otherwise missing.
  • Indicative of the fact that this installment is a continuation of the series, the move "Spartan Rage" nods to Kratos' past as a Spartan. Kratos also retains his Spartan tattoo, has scars on his forearms resembling the chains from the Blades of Exile, the scars on his abdomen and left eye, as well as the ashes of Lysandra and Calliope covering him.
  • Sony Entertainment has confirmed that Christopher Judge will be voicing Kratos for this game. He replaces TC Carson, who has voiced the character in all previous installments. Judge is well known for his role as Teal'c in Stargate SG-1. This marks the first game that Kratos isn't voiced by TC Carson.
    • Although Christopher Judge initially hinted at a 2017 release for the game, his Twitter page now states that it will have a 2018 release. This 2018 release was confirmed during Sony's E3 2017 presentation.  



On the day of December 6th, 2014, Corey Barlog, the lead animator of God of War and the game director of God of War II revealed that Sony Santa Monica was working on a new game, in the God of War Franchise. It was announced on Twitter, only taken down later by Sony.

The game is conceptually set in the pre-migration point of Viking history; a period in Norse culture where the Norse gods were said to walk among mortals.[2]



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