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{{Quote|Kratos, slayer of Gods!|[[Ceryx]].}}
{{Quote|Kratos, slayer of Gods!|[[Ceryx]].}}
[[File:GOWBetrayal.png|thumb|God of War: Betrayal main menu.]]
'''''God of War: Betrayal''''', also known as ''God of War Mobile'', is a 2-dimensional side-scrolling hack-and-slash video game based on the previous games in the [[God of War Series|God of War series]], released on mobile phones June 20th 2007 by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Chronologically, it takes place after [[God of War]].  [[God of War: Ghost of Sparta]] for the PlayStation Portable, also takes place after [[God of War]], likely taking place after Betrayal. However, it is hinted that Betrayal is actually non-canon to the [[God of War Series|God of War series]].
Unlike the other games in the series, it is played on mobile phones. It is currently available on operators and portals world wide.<br />
A PC demo can be downloaded for free.
Following the events of [[God of War]], [[Kratos]] is leading his [[Spartan]] army against [[Greece]]. While fighting alongside his warriors, he is attacked by a number of beasts led by the giant, [[Argos]], who is sent by [[Hera]] to stop the war Kratos is waging. However, before Kratos is able to kill the beast, it is killed by an unknown [[Assassin|assassin]] as a clear effort to destroy the anti-hero's reputation with the Gods of [[Olympus]]. Kratos pursues him through [[Greece]] in order to discover the identity of the assassin's master, who is attempting to turn the gods against him. However, he is being slowed down by an attack of [[Hades]]' minions. Soon, the son of [[Hermes]], [[Ceryx]], is sent to deliver a message to Kratos from [[Zeus]], who's becoming increasingly concerned with the amount of destruction left in Kratos' path. Ceryx confronts Kratos, but the God of War refuses to cease and engages the messenger in battle. Taking advantage of the situation, the assassin escapes. The game concludes as Kratos kills Ceryx and the Spartan soldiers celebrate, but observing the dead god's body, he realizes that Zeus would eventually take action for this act of defiance.
* [[Kratos]]: The new God of War who chose to lead his Spartan people in conquering all of Greece.
* [[Spartan]]s: The great warriors whose army is led by the God of War himself.
* [[Argos]]: A gigantic beast with multiple eyes sent by the [[Gods]] to stop the Kratos and his Spartan army. Pet of Hera
* [[Assassin]]: Enigmatic enemy of Kratos who slew Argos for unknown reasons.
* [[Ceryx]]: The Messenger of Olympus, and the one who was sent out to make Kratos stop his pursuit of the Assassin. He is the son of Hermes.
===Common Enemies===
* [[Greece#God of War: Betrayal|Greek Soldier]]: Mere humans protecting the Greek cities from the ravaging God of War.
* [[Dead Rider]]s: These undead horsemen are sent by Hades to collect souls of those who are dead.
* [[Minotaur]]s: Mighty critters that appear in the city as a sign from the Gods.
* [[Cerberus|Cerberi]]: These three headed beasts are the minions of Hades that try to stop Kratos.
* [[Undead Legionnaire]]s: Hades' undead army come to Greece in order to stop Kratos from reaching the [[Assassin]].
* [[Argos]]: The multi-eyed monster and [[Hera]]'s favorite pet. This beast appears to stop Kratos' war campaign. Kratos fights the beast during his journey through a besieged city, usually forcing it to retreat. Eventually, Kratos crushes Argos into a sewer, where it is killed by the blades of the unknown [[Assassin]].
* [[Ceryx]]: The messenger of the Gods who appears before Kratos and stops him from pursuing the Assassin. Kratos, infuriated by Ceryx's actions, attacks the God. After receiving enough damage, Ceryx falls dead, but before vanishing forever, he proclaims Kratos "the Slayer of Gods".
The entire inventory is based on weapons and items collected in the first [[God of War]] game.
* [[Blades of Athena]]: Kratos' blades given to him upon receiving the God of War title.
* [[Blade of Artemis]]: The blade received from [[Artemis]] powerful enough to slay a Titan.
* [[Army of Hades]]: A powerful spell that summons undead souls.
* [[Medusa's Gaze]]: Medusa's severed head, that can temporarily freeze enemies into stone.
* [[Gorgon Eyes]]: Collect to increase Health.
* [[Phoenix Feathers]]: Collect to increase Magic.
*Speculations arose regarding as to the [[Assassin|Assassin's]] true identity. Unconfirmed sources claim it is in fact Hermes, in disguise, which suggests the whole plot against Kratos was orchestrated by Hades, who joined forces with Hermes to turn the rest of the gods against Kratos.
*This is the first and only God of War game that was not released on a Sony PlayStation platform, and does not have bonus costumes.
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