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Very hard Mode is the hardest difficulty setting in the serie of God of War. The name of difficulty is not the same in the games.

In God of War Chain of Olympus, that (to Easy at Very Hard) : Mortal, Hero, Spartan, God.

In God of War, that : Mortal, Hero, Spartan, God.

In God of War II, that : Mortal, Spartan, God, Titan.

In God of War Ghost of Sparta, that : Mortal, Hero, Spartan, God.

Finaly, in God of War III, that : Spartan, God, Titan, Chaos.

Very hard mode differs in theim. In God of War, the value of Orbs is the same but costums cannot be used. In God of War II,God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War III, the value of Orbs is half as much.

The names of difficulty evolved with the game : in GOW CCP and GOW, Kratos was a simple mortal, a champion of gods. The weaker is Mortal for a simple human, Heros, the level of Kratos, Spartan, a great level, hard and strict and finally, the challenge, God, the stronger souls of the world. In GOW II, Kratos was a God, the normal mode was God. The easy was Mortal and the difficult was Spartan, that strange but, the spartans were the better soldiers, with the traces. In very hard mode, that's Titan, the taller and gianter souls of world. Better than gods, that's challenge. Finally, in GOW III, the weaker mode is Spartan, greats warriors but simples humans, God, the power of Kratos was godly, hard mode was Titan, for illustrate the power of them and finally, the very hard mode : Chaos. The origins of the world (in the Greek) were in Chaos. That's a return at "home".

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