The Giant Arachnid is an enormous, highly intelligent creature, sent to destroy Kratos.
Giant Arachnid

The Giant Arachnid, as she faces Kratos

God of War Comics

The arachnid awaited the god of war, Kratos, during his ascend to Asclepius domain, on his quest to obtain Ambrosia. Sent by an unknown god to destroy Kratos, the arachnid approached Kratos from behind, urging the god of war to cease his struggles, as it will all be over soon.

Kratos immediately responded by saying it would be over when the arachnid is dead, as he grabbed a torch, and lit the arachnid's eggs on fire. Enraged by Kratos' actions, the arachnid asked Kratos how he dared perform such an act, to which the god replied he did as he pleased. Kratos then attacked the Arachnid, impaled its head with his Blades of Athena, but failed to discover who sent the arachnid to try and stop him.


  • The Giant Arachnid may be an homage to Arachne, who in Greek mythology was turned into a spider by Athena when she wove better than her.
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