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"General Kratos" character model

Featured as an additional costume for Kratos in God of War II, the General Kratos costume is unlocked by collecting 20 Cyclops Eyes. The description of this costume before being unlocked is "The only thing that haunts his past... is a ghost" After it is unlocked, it changes to: "General Kratos is ready at your command"

This costume shows Kratos' aspect before he murdered his family, and his skin was covered with their ashes. It appears similar to Kratos' standard appearance, except that his skin is normal colored, opposed to its "ghostly" white. Also, the Blades of Athena retain their blue skin, seen also in the God Armor. General Kratos and the Dominus costume are both based on Kratos as a Spartan general, even though the two costumes look nothing alike.

Wearing this costume greatly increases the value of any Red Orbs Kratos obtains. His strength and armor, however, are reduced in half, and the value of any Green Orbs, Blue Orbs, and Gold Orbs he obtains are greatly reduced.

With almost all of Kratos's stats being reduced in half, this costume could be considered the worst costume in the whole game. Although many players nickname it the "Challenge Armor" as it does weaken Kratos overall by half, it implements that players need to strategize and time in order to beat the harder difficulties. It is only seen as a challenge and a "personal achievement".

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  • When using the General Kratos skin, the Golden Fleece, after obtained, will not appear on Kratos' arm, although he's still able to use the relic.

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