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Garden of the Gods.

The Garden of the Gods, is a circular chamber located within the Palace of the Fates in God Of War II. It contains six golden statues of various gods along the right edge of the room. The statues in question are of Ares, Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, Helios, and Hades (in that order, from left to right).

When Kratos comes to the chamber, Athena calls out to him through her statue. She claims that Zeus did what he had to in order to protect Olympus and that there were more important things than his revenge. She also states that Gaia's assistance was nothing but, "half-truths and falsehoods,"and warns Kratos to not listen to the Titans.

Kratos can also shatter the statue of Athena for additional Red Orbs and basically just to silence her.



  • "Kratos, you know not what you do."
  • "There are things far more important than your revenge."
  • "Zeus did what he must to protect Olympus."
  • "Gaia speaks nothing but half-truths and falsehoods."
  • "The Titans are not to be trusted."
  • "They knew Zeus fears the destruction of all he stands for."


  • A metal fence can be found to the left, before entering the garden. If approached, a man can be seen running past. That man was the Last Spartan.
  • Though there is no God of War at the time, the statue representing the title is a statue of Ares, though it is noted that he is "fallen."
  • Athena's statue is the only one in the garden without a description. It is also the only statue that can be destroyed.


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