As well as the many orb chests in the games, there are three special chests in God of War II, known as the Überchests. Über, is a German cognate of both the Latin super and Greek ὑπέρ (hyper), as well as the English over and above, in this case translating as Super Chests.


First Überchest: Orbs

Special chests

The first one grants 5,500 red orbs, although a bit less in Titan Mode, and is found after acquiring the Golden Fleece. Once back at the Destiny's Atrium, return to the Bog of the Forgotten, to find a different-looking chest next to a normal one.

Second Überchest: Health

Found near the Auditorium of Atropos, where the second translator commits suicide. After purposefully killing the second translator, Kratos jumps through the time mirror and immediately freezes time. Descending the corridor to where the Amulet statue originally was, reveals the chest, which will regenerate health and increase the bar one level. The location can be determined before the Amulet is used by finding a shimmering spot behind the Fates Statue.

Third Überchest: Magic

This one is found underground, near the Phoenix Chamber. Just before flying into the room with the rotating spike pillars, should be a steam vent, right before the Phoenix Chamber. Typhon's Bane can break the wall with the glowing insignia below the platform, leading into the pillar room. The small alcove beyond, that can be flown into, hides the third chest. to the right of the chest is a breakable wall that hides a lever; this lever retracts the spikes of the rotating pillar. The chests are very useful in the game, as they level up the health and magic meters to almost full capacity.


  • In the God of War Collection version of God of War II, finding all three chests grants the trophy "You Know the Germans Make Good Stuff..."
  • The item chests of God of War III look like the Überchests, in a metaphor for the larger scale of power.


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