Cast your weapons at the Forsaken Tree, and let it release the evils of your past. Only then will you be free of your sins and be granted passage through the Divine Gates.


The Forsaken Tree

In God of War: Chains of Olympus, Kratos encounters Persephone before the Forsaken Tree in the Groves of Persephone within the Underworld. It is depicted as a large tree with pomegranates growing on it. If he is to see his daughter Calliope in the Elysium Fields, he is told by Persephone to release the evils of his past into the tree, after which he will be able to enter Elysium.


  • When you are wearing a costume, a glitch may occur; that when you surrender your Red Orbs, Kratos will be in his original costume, however, the present costume you are wearing will later be returned in the Fields of Elysium.

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