Spikes of the Phoenix Chamber

Floor Spikes are a type of ancient traps found throughout the God of War series.

In God of War in Pandora's Temple, there's a cave upon the Cliffs of Madness that are booby-trapped with spikes that shoot from the floor that can kill any mortal instantly if caught. In that cave, Kratos gets the Necklace of Aphrodite.

In God of War II the floor of the entrance hall of the Palace of the Fates is completely covered with holes that shoot up spikes at various spots. Also in the Palace of the Fates, there's a side room in the Phoenix Chamber where a set of large spikes can be lowered for a short period of time by pulling a lever. In that room, Kratos gets the Hail of Boreas.

In God of War III, in one of the cube-like rooms of the massive Labyrinth, Kratos has to fight against a horde of enemies while spikes continuously pop up from certain sections of the floor. Sometimes, the whole floor becomes covered in spikes, and the only way Kratos can avoid death is by latching onto a Harpy with his blades and waiting until the spikes recede.

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