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Odin hates the Giants, and they him, but Thor’s own mother was the Giantess Fjörgyn—one of Odin’s great loves.


Fjörgyn was a Jötunn, a wife of Odin, and the mother of Thor.

Norse Mythology

In Norse mythology, Jörð (meaning "earth") was a female jötunn and the personification of earth. Fjörgyn and Hlóðyn are considered to be other names for Jörð. Some scholars refer to Jörð as a goddess. In Gylfaginning, she is described as one of Odin's sexual partners.

In the God of War Series

Before God of War (2018)

Fjörgyn was one of Odin's wives and great loves, despite his apparent hatred for her entire race, the Jötnar. The two bore a son named Thor together, who would also inherit his father's hatred of the Jötnar.

Fjörgyn would later pass away due to unspecified circumstances. Her death left Odin sad and lonely for many ages. His advisor Mimir came to believe that Odin longed for a replacement for Fjörgyn, and that was what inspired him to end the Aesir-Vanir War via a marriage to the Vanir Goddess Freya. Odin felt love once again, but it didn't last, as he continued seeking knowledge and the extermination of the Jötnar, eventually ending his marriage to Freya.


  • It is implied by one of the Lore Markers that Thor was somehow responsible for Fjörgyn's death, as it mentions that her body shall be borne to "where nevermore the Thunder may find her". In addition, the same Marker says that "for her gift of life, her life was claimed", further supporting this theory.
    • Interestingly, she is called goddess in this marker, possibly due to her status as wife of Odin.
  • Her Greek equivalent is Gaia, both are Goddess/personification of the Earth itself. However the series never makes mention of this and even Mimir calls her simply a Jötnar when stating how Odin loved her despite his hatred of her race.