I must burn in the fires of Olympus. It is the only way. Kill me, Kratos. Kill me.


Greek MythologyEdit

According to Greek myth, at first, fire belonged to the Gods. Then the Titan Prometheus, a champion of human-kind, known for his wily intelligence, took the fire, and gave it to the people of Earth. The humans were very grateful for this, but Prometheus was then punished by Zeus for his betrayal. The fires are also sometimes referred to as the Primordial Fire.

Fires 3

The Fires of Olympus.

In God of War IIEdit

In God of War II, the Fires of Olympus is a large pyre that sits upon the mountain outside Typhon's Lair. Prometheus, chained to a giant hand, endures the torment of his abdomen being eaten by a giant eagle every day, only to heal again by night, after having succumbed to his wounds. After cutting his chains, Kratos then burns Prometheus in the fire, releasing him of his torment. His ashes are then granted to Kratos by Gaia, giving him the Rage of the Titans.


  • The Fires of Olympus should not be confused with The Flame of Olympus as they are two separate things as the Fires are red and the Flame is blue.

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