Eight dead ends. One way out. Can you find it before the flames of Hades consume you?

Pathos Verdes III


Kratos traverses the Fireball Trap.

The Fireball Trap is one of the main challenges found within Pandora's Temple.

After completing the challenges set forth by Hades, and lighting the Dark Halls with the Statue of Hades, a cutscene plays showing the Dark Hall lighting up and fiery balls begin to roll down the hall from the mouth of the large statue that is at the end. Kratos can enter the hall and jump across a pit to try to traverse the Fireball trap. The player must find the right door before being squished and killed by too many of the balls which are at least three times as large as Kratos. They can not be jumped over and must be avoided. They are designed with cut-outs from which the flames erupt from. The Fireballs are designed exclusively to distract and kill the explorer before finding the escape route, hidden behind one of the 8 doors found along the hall. The Fireball Trap is found only in Pandora's Temple, during the Challenge of Hades.

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