Phoenix chamber 5

The Fire Phoenix chamber

The Fire Phoenix Room is a dangerous area located in the Phoenix Chamber, deep into the Palace of the Fates, with a phoenix-like carving at the far end.

After Kratos traverses the spiked room of the Phoenix Chamber, he reaches this area, and encounters a large statue near its entrance. However, as he enters the room, the carving starts firing large waves of flames, which will severely damage Kratos if they hit him, forcing him to shield himself behind the statue.

Near the end of the room, there are two buttons: one that opens a gate, situated on a high ledge; and other that lowers a hook, allowing Kratos to swing to the ledge, and escape the area. So, Kratos' goal, is push the statue, while protecting himself from the incoming flames, and place it on one of the buttons, so he can press the other.

Nevertheless, while he is pushing the statue, hordes of Hades Legionnaires and Hades Harpies appear, attempting to attack Kratos, and forcing him to fight them as he makes his way through the room. Finally, another element of danger, is that the successive flames will push the statue back, if Kratos doesn't place it behind the raised tiles that there are in the room.

After reaching the ledge, Kratos will encounter the urn with the Phoenix's Ashes, and will be able to place them in the lava, to awaken the creature.


  • The statue that Kratos encounters in this room seems to represent Icarus.
  • This area marks the second time that the most powerful type of Undead Legionnaire tried to stop Kratos from pushing something across a room. The first time was in God of War, where he pushed the Sacrificed Soldier in a cage towards the Chamber of Sacrifice. Both rooms had raised tiles, too.
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