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Erebus is the Primordial entity of Darkness, the brother of Gaia and Nyx as well as the latter's consort, he is one of the first primordial deities born from Chaos.

Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Erebos (Erebus) was the primordial god (protogenos) of darkness and the consort of Nyx (Night). His dark mists encircled the world and filled the deep hollows of the earth.

In the evening, Erebos' sister/wife Nyx drew his darkness across the sky bringing night and his daughter Hemera scattered it at dawn bringing day - the first obscuring Aither (Aether), the heavenly light of the ether, the second revealing it. In the ancient cosmogonies, the heavenly ether (Aither) and the dark mists of the netherworld (Erebos) were regarded as the sources of day and light rather than the sun.

The name Erebos was also used as a synonym for the netherworld realm of Hades.

His equivalent in Roman Mythology is Scotus.


  • Mount Erebus, a volcano in Antartica, is named after him.
  • By Hesiod, he is the father of Aether, personification of the upper air and Hemera, personification of day. By Hyginus, he is the father of Eros (Love), Dolos (Trickery), Clotho (birth/past), Lahkesis (life/present), Atropos (death/future), Apate (Fraud), the Oneiroi (Dreams), Eris (Strife), Thanatos (Death) and Hypnos (Sleep), Nemesis (Retribution), Oizys (Misery), Momus (Blame), Moros (Doom), the Keres, and others.