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The Elysium Fields.

The Elysium Fields are the part of the Underworld where the souls of the good and pure dwelled. Unlike the rest of the Underworld, it was a paradise and is where the Pillar of the World, a giant pillar holding up the Greek world, rested.

Greek Mythology

The Elysian Fields is a location of the Greek Underworld where the good and pure live. It is the ultimate Utopia, where those pure of soul can live in harmony with each other.

As with several other religions, it bares common similarities to other ideas of Heaven.

In God of War: Chains of Olympus

When Kratos came to the Underworld in search of his daughter, Calliope, the goddess Persephone said he was to relinquish his power to the Forsaken Tree to enter Elysian Fields, as those with weapons could not possibly be pure. Kratos obeyed, and was promptly reunited with his daughter and was willing to abandon the gods to their fate. However, when Persephone revealed her plans to destroy the Pillar of the World, Kratos was forced to leave his daughter behind knowing she would die again.

To stop the corrupt goddess, he needed to regain his powers, Kratos reluctantly pushed his daughter away. He began killing the Elysium souls holding his powers, thus regaining them, becoming the Ghost of Sparta once more. His decision simultaneously caused his daughter grief and further fueled the madness that he suffered and would later attempt to commit suicide atop the Suicide Bluffs in Athens, as the Gods refused to rid him of the nightmares that plagued him. But Kratos knew that the corrupt goddess had to be stopped, even if it meant sacrificing and forsaking his daughter Calliope.


  • In mythology, Elysian Fields is not restricted only to pure souls but to those who died of heroic and noble death as well. This is similar to Valhalla in Norse myths.
  • The famous place in Paris, France, called Champs-Élysées is French for Elysian Fields, Champs meaning fields, and Elysees to mean "Elysian"


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