Dredge of Boreas.

Dredge of Boreas are immense, icy monsters that are exclusive to God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Kratos encounters them twice upon the icy cliffs of Mount Aroania.

They attack Kratos by moving quickly, and swiping at him with their massive claws. Another power the Dredge of Boreas has is the ability to spit an icy mist at Kratos, which can freeze him where he stands. The only way to harm a Dredge of Boreas is for Kratos to first activate Thera's Bane, and slice into its icy hide while doing so. The fire of Thera's Bane will penetrate the icy flesh, causing pieces of it to break off. Beware, however, that as the pieces are removed, they will transform into Boreas Spawn (see below). Once he has stripped it of its icy armor, and has weakened it, Kratos can kill a Dredge of Boreas by grabbing on and repeatedly stabbing it in the head, followed by a final stab to the throat.

Boreas Spawn

Boreas Spawn

These are small, icy creatures that can appear from the remains of the icy flesh of the Dredge of Boreas, as Kratos removes it, or from ice stones scattered through the Mounts of Aroania. In packs, Boreas Spawn will relentlessly attack Kratos either by leaping at him and biting, or by performing a suicidal spinning attack. If the spin attack hits, the Boreas Spawn will die, but Kratos will become frozen in ice, and prone to any other attacks. At any time, however, Kratos can damage the Boreas Spawn by grabbing and throwing them to the ground with his bare hands, making them bounce on the ground. Once inflicting enough damage, he can kill them by grabbing them once more, and impaling them in the belly with his blades.


  • Kratos encounters statues very similar to the Dredge of Boreas when he acquires the Horn of Boreas in his shrine. There were two statues and Kratos killed two of the beasts, which can imply there were only two existing Dredges of Boreas and both were killed by Kratos, but it's more likely to be just a coincidence.


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