The Draugr (plural: Draugar) is a Norse monster that appears in God of War (2018).

In the God of War series

Draugar are undead warriors that died in battle but blinded with anger, refused the call of the Valkyries to Valhalla, usually due to their desire for revenge. Engaging the Valkyries in a duel, the warriors are burned by the intensity of the fight and doomed to forever roam Midgard in rage as a husk of their previous selves.

Types of Draugar

Draugr's come in a variety of different classes

  • Draugr: This Draugr type fights with a single weapon. These Draugr's are not dangerous in single combat but can cause problems in groups.
  • Dual Wield Draugr: This Draugr type is equipped with a weapon in each hand. These Draugr's can chain together a flurry of attacks quickly. Being more offensively minded, look to parry their attacks.
  • Explosive Draugr: This Draugr type stores energy in their bodies and explode on contact.
  • Power Weapon Draugr: This Draugr type can channel energy through their arms into their weapons, allowing them to unleash devastating attacks.
  • Projectile Draugr: This Draugr type can unleash fireballs. They attack from a distance and should be dealt with early in fights.
  • Shield Draugr: This Draugr type utilizes a shield and is defensively sound in combat. Break their guard with a charged R2 attack or a well-timed parry.
  • Speed Draugr: This Draugr type channels fire into their legs that give them superhuman speed. They are difficult to hit and should be baited to charge Kratos before attacking.




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