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A Kratos Doppelganger, wielding the Blades of Chaos.

"I couldn't stop them, they were too strong." - Kratos

Being Ares' evil clones of Kratos, Doppelgängers have a purplish-grayish tint to their flesh, glowing eyes, and are covered in blood.

Ares manifests them in a cosmic arena resembling the temple where Kratos accidentally murdered his family, and they are used to assault him. Individually weak, all of the Doppelgängers attack in massive swarms. In the arena, there are a pair of clones of his wife and child, whom Kratos must protect from the Doppelgängers.

There are three types of Doppelgängers, and all of them wield clones of Kratos' weapons. The first type, uses Kratos' Blades of Chaos; the second one, attacks with the Blade of Artemis; and the third type fires the thunderbolts of Zeus' Fury from a distance. Kratos can kill a Doppelgänger at any moment by grabbing it, leaping into the air, and slamming it to the ground, causing it to shatter to pieces. However, killing a Doppelgänger in this way, leaves Kratos' family open to the attacks of the other ones for some time.

The Doppelgängers can also grab Kratos and start a QTE. If failed, the Doppelgänger will stab Kratos with one of his blades and throw him. If Kratos succeeds, Kratos does the same to the Doppelgänger. Beware that whilst Kratos fights the Doppelgängers, others will attack his family.

Eventually, Kratos kills all of them, mocking Ares, who responds by stripping Kratos of all his powers and Blades of Chaos, and killing the clones of Kratos' family with the Blades, forcing him to relive their deaths.


  • The Doppelgänger is German folkore, as being a creature that looks exactly as one person but is in most cases evil. The term was first used in 1796 in Jean Paul's Siebenkäs.
  • It isn't necessary to kill the Doppelgängers which wield Zeus' Fury in order to proceed, that is unless Kratos wishes to earn extra Orbs.
  • If Kratos' family is killed by the clones, a cutscene is shown in which he kneels down to the ground, and gets torn apart by the Doppelgängers.
  • The Doppelgängers attack in large groups, like the Legionnaires.
  • Kratos cannot harm his family when fighting the Doppelgängers so it is possible for him to continuously guard his wife and daughter without having to worry if they will die as a result of his own attacks.
  • There are 101 total Doppelgängers, not counting the Zeus' Fury firing clones that spawn on the island.
  • This segment where Kratos must protect his family from the Doppelgangers is considered to be a total nightmare for Players who play on God Mode.