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Glory be to Sparta...

–The Dissenter's last words

The Dissenter and Kratos

The Dissenter was a Spartan fanatic of Ares (the former deceased God of War) in God of War: Ghost of Sparta.


Imprisoned under the Jails of Sparta, but accidentally released during Kratos' visit to the jail, the Dissenter hated Kratos and still prayed to Ares, so he tried to kill the new God of War by releasing the Piraeus Lion. However, Kratos killed the giant beast, and then proceeded to punish the Dissenter by hurling him from room to room. Finally, Kratos drove his blades into his body, killing the criminal. But even in the face of death, the Dissenter remained loyal to Ares. Ironically, the Dissenter's body aided Kratos in escaping the jail, as the Spartan used his body to activate a Pressure Plate, which brought down a ladder leading to the Mounts of Laconia.


  • In God of War: Ghost of Sparta, the Dissenter is voiced by Paul Eiding.
  • Upon killing the Dissenter, the player will unlock the trophy, "Ares, Who?".

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