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Lord Ares is the true God of War!


The Disciples of Ares were the faithful followers of the deceased former god of war, Ares.

The Dissenter and Kratos.

God of War Series

God of War Comics

Although the disciples themselves did not appear, they were referenced by Kratos while he was struggling with the monstrous Gyges in battle. The Spartan revealed that the demented followers sought to utilize the healing nectar known as Ambrosia to revive their fallen god. In an attempt to foil their plans from coming to fruition, Kratos began his mission to destroy the Ambrosia. Gyges pleaded to Kratos not to destroy it, as it kept him immortal, but Kratos disregarded his pleas, incinerating the entire island with Apollo's Flame. Kratos then departed, keeping in mind the followers of Ares would seek vengeance on him for destroying the last chance they had at reviving their fallen idol.

Ghost of Sparta

In the jails of Sparta, Kratos encountered an imprisoned follower of Ares, the Dissenter. As Kratos traversed the jail, he unintentionally unlocked the Dissenter's cell, releasing the man from his entrapment. Having moved on, Kratos encountered the Piraeus Lion, set free by the Dissenter to kill the new god of war, only to foil his plans and slay the beast. Now in pursuit of the Dissenter himself, the latter desperately tried to escape, but was soon caught, and hurled from room to room by the Spartan. Kratos then killed the Dissenter by impaling him onto his blades, and used his body to activate a pressure plate which led to Kratos' escape from the jails.


  • A tablet located in the Temple of Ares read that all Spartan citizens turned their allegiance to the new god of war, save for "a few staunch supporters of Ares."