Destiny's atrium 1

Destiny's Atrium.

Destiny's Atrium is a large, decorative courtyard beyond the Temple of Lahkesis. At one end of the courtyard is a barrier, which is created via beams from the eyes of the statue of Lahkesis' face. When Kratos blocks the beams, the barrier dissipates. Beyond the barrier is a path that leads to the Bog of the Forgotten, guarded by several Cyclopses. After killing Euryale, Kratos leaves the bowels of her temple, and eventually finds himself back at Destiny's Atrium, where he makes his way to the Courtyard of Atropos.


  • An interesting fact about Destiny's Atrium is that two pictures depicting a man slaying Zeus, both identical to the one found in Pandora's Temple near the entrance of the room containing Pandora's Box, can be spotted on the ground. This brings some questions: it seems that the Sisters of Fate acknowledged the possibility of Zeus being killed despite their statement that Zeus would be the victor in the war against Kratos. It also seems to imply that Pathos Verdes III somehow contacted the Sisters of Fate while he was building his temple. Alternatively, the Sisters of Fate could simply be unaware of the pictures' presence, since they were the residents and not the creators of the Island of Creation.


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