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Multiplayer battle

In God of War: Ascension's multiplayer, the Desert of Lost Souls serves as one of the battle maps.

God of War: Ascension

The Desert of Lost Souls map are the ruins of an ancient city, in what appeared to be the middle of the Desert. The city holded prison the giant cyclops, Polyphemus as a boss battle. The hulking beast is enchained in the center of the city.


  • Fire Pits
  • Spike Pits

Godly Intervention

When the gods intervene, the Spear of Olympus fell from the sky, if a player can secure the spear, they can wound Polyphemus and have a chance to finish of the cyclops. Killing the titanic cyclops will increase extra points to the team.

Trial of the Gods

The Desert also serves as one of the three maps of the Trial of the Gods mode. Warriors start at the bottom of the map and must destroy altars to summon enemies, and then kill them. Enemies such as SatyrsHarpiesJuggernautsFeral HoundsWraithsSatyr GeneralsMegaera's MinionsFire TalosesIce Chimeras and Amazons can be found in this map. After killing each horde of enemies, players can progress through the map, destroying more altars and fighting more hordes.

As the player(s) reach the "top" of the Desert, the place that is right in front of Polyphemus, they destroy the final altar and kill another horde. However, Polyphemus won't be there until the final round. After doing this, they must enter a small portal, which will take them back to the bottom area to start all over again. At each time players do this, they beat a round. There is a total of 5 rounds per match, which means that, to win a match, players need to go from the bottom to the top part of the Desert 5 times, killing all the enemies on the way.

After getting to the top for the last time, Polyphemus will be there, trying to attack players with his hands while they fight some monsters. After the enemies are killed, the Spear of Olympus will fall from the sky. A player must get it, fire a spear at Polyphemus to stun him and then go to his head to finish him. By killing Polyphemus, the match is won.


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