Hades hurling fireballs into the desert.

The desert is a barren area where Kratos and his Spartan brethren came across during their search for the extremely potent healing liquid known as Ambrosia.

God of War comics

As the valiant Spartans trudged through the desert, the malevolent ruler of the Underworld, Hades, sought to destroy Kratos, as the warrior was the chosen champion of his nephew, Ares, in a wager the Gods made to see which of their chosen mortals would capture the Ambrosia first.

In order for his champion, Alrik, to win the wager, Hades hurled fireballs from the sky onto the desert and managed to kill half the army, including their captain, Nikos who died trying to save Kratos from a falling fireball.

After the death of Nikos, Kratos took it upon himself to lead the group. When the dawn approached, Kratos and his men set forth and continued their journey.

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