Delphi is a vast mountain range in ancient Greece that is most famous for its oracle.

Greek MythologyEdit

Delphi was the sacred home of the most important oracle, namely the Oracle of Delphi. The site was also used to worship Apollo because he killed Python, the huge snake-like dragon, in Delphi; Python protected the Navel of the Earth.

God of War: AscensionEdit

The Village of KirraEdit

Kratos started his journey in a small rundown village in Delphi. Orkos tells him to find the truth using the Oracle of Delphi.

The CisternEdit

The Tower of DelphiEdit

Kratos traveled through the mountains of Delphi, in order to find the Oracle. Kratos ascends to her temple by riding the mechanized remains of Python. Kratos encounters a Chimera on top of the tower and patches of Manticore eggs throughout the area. The three replicas of Python are used to power the tower of Delphi and gain access to the temple.

The Python's BellyEdit

Within the python, Kratos gained Zeus's Lightning of power.

Ice CavernsEdit

The Temple of DelphiEdit

Delphi CatacombsEdit

The Oracle's ChambersEdit

Kratos locates Oracle Aletheia who is under the spell of Castor and Pollux. Kratos battles with the false prophet and gained the Amulet of Uroborus. The oracle does not survive the fall after Kratos kills the Gemeni Twins, but she tells Kratos to find the "truth" on the island of Delos.

Passage to DelphiEdit

Kratos takes the narrow passage under the Delphi mountains to return to Kirra.

The Cistern (Pt. 2)Edit

Kratos retraces his steps back through the cistern. Using the amulet he rebuilds the waterwheel and restores the spring water back to Kirra.

The GrottoEdit

The Grotto is an underwater passage, the Boat Captain's Idol can be found here. This leads to the harbor of Kirra. Orkos awaits to guide Kratos to his next mission to Delos. The Harbor Master, a harmless Laestrygonian, can be seen here as it pulls ships between the caves out to the open sea.