A Dead Rider

Dead Rider, harvester of souls, my Spartan brothers will not join you in Hades today!


The Dead Riders were the undead horsemen sent by Hades to collect the souls of humans on battlefields. These enemies looked like skeletons with black hooded cloaks wielding pitchforks while their horses had seafoam green eyes and an scaly underbelly.

They were first seen in a Greek city, which was under siege by Kratos. These undead creatures attacked the god of war, but were easily killed along with their ghostly horses.

To finish them off, Kratos chopped off the front legs of their horses, and impaled the rider in the head. Killing a Dead Rider always granted Blue Orbs.


  • The skeleton figure riding the undead horse appears to be somewhat restrained to its mount. When Kratos takes out the front legs of the horses, the riders are unable to move on their own.
  • Touching the dead rider damages Kratos' health.
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