Dauði Munr is a Troll and a boss in God of War (2018).


Dauði Munr was a large Fire Troll that lived in the hot and fiery Norse realm of Muspelheim.

God of War (2018)

After Kratos and his son Atreus retrieve the Unity Stone and use it to enter the Jötunheim tower, they are met with a series of challenges. As the tower moves back to its original position in Midgard through the Realm between Realms, several doors open releasing creatures and denizens from many of the realms Kratos had previously traveled. Foes slip into the tower from places such as Alfheim, Helheim, Midgard, and Muspelheim.

Once the tower arrives in Muspelheim and the many doors open, searing heat along with a reddish haze being to fill the large room that Kratos and his son are in. Upon seeing an opening to the tower in his realm, Dauði Munr aggressively charges forward attacking whatever is inside the large structure. The fire troll is also accompanied by several powerful Draugr and an enraged Ogre. A battle soon ensues and all attackers from the fire realm including Dauði Munr are killed.



  • His name literally translates into "Death's Mouth".
  • He is the last Fire Troll encountered in the game.
  • His battle is the only one in the game where both a Troll and Ogre are encountered at the same time.
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