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Dauði Kaupmaðr (meaning Death Merchant) is a Troll and the first boss in God of War (2018).


God of War (2018)

He is encountered in the Wildwoods after Kratos takes Atreus hunting for the first time. Atreus tracks and successfully hunts a large deer, however, that catches the attention of Dauði Kaupmaðr, who picks up the dead deer and tosses it aside.

They engage in battle against the Fire Troll, but he is eventually defeated when Kratos beats him up and snaps his neck. It was his sudden attack what drove Atreus to a fit of rage, leading Kratos to believe his son was not ready for their journey.

Powers and Abilities

The Death Merchant possesses a large amount of strength and endurance, being strong enough to swing his large totem forward and slam the earth with it, each of his blows being strong enough to shatter nearby stone pillars.

As a Fire Troll, Dauði Kaupmaðr imbues his attacks with the burn element, torching the surrounding environment with each attack.



  • He is the first Fire Troll encountered in the game.
  • His finisher animation is different from the other trolls. Kratos snaps his neck, while the other trolls have their heads crushed by their totems.
  • He is among the few creatures that can be heard farting mid-combat.