Dauði Hamarr is a Troll and an optional boss in God of War (2018).


During the reign of Mótsognir, the evil Dwarven King of Veithurgard, many monster hunts where carried under the Dwarf's orders, and the Fire Troll was one of the creatures that were pursued.

One day, Veithurgard's hunting party caught an unknown beast whose cry called the Fire Troll's attention, starting a battle which resulted in the hunting party's vanguard to be instantly reduced to ashes. The battle continued until Dauði Hamarr was lured to the Lake of Nine, where he was finally subdued at the cost of thirty more men.

The Fire Troll was taken captive and imprisoned deep inside Veithurgard, where he remained caged even after the settlement was abandoned.

God of War (2018)

While Kratos and Atreus were trying to release the caged Dragon Otr who was also imprisoned in Veithurgard, they came across the Troll's prison and he asked to be released. The younger God could understand his plight and persuaded his father to release him, but instead of thanking them Dauði Hamarr engaged them in combat.

He was eventually slain by the two Gods, but he was nonetheless grateful to die in battle instead of decaying in confinement.

Powers and Abilities

The Death's Hammer is arguably the strongest Fire Troll in Midgard, his body generating enough heat to instantly burn anything near him.

His footsteps alone torch the earth beneath him, he can create flares by stomping the ground and even generate eruptions by burying his foot deeper below.

His leg strength allows him to make considerable jumps despite his large size, and with his arms, he can swing and slam his fire-imbued totem to crush and burn his enemies.


  • The name "Dauði Hamarr" roughly translates to "death is hammering" from Icelandic. The game translates it as "Death's Hammer".
  • Since he's an optional boss, Dauði Hamarr is the only Fire Troll that has no specific encountering order.
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