The Dark Rider was the leader of the Griffin Riders, who protected the Island of Creation.


Unlike most Griffin Riders, he had darker-colored skin and golden armor, and rode a dark-blue/violet Griffin with a rather large rust-colored head who, as opposed to the brown-colored average Griffin, had spikes running down its back. He also wielded a powerful magic weapon, the Spear of Destiny.


He was killed in a duel, high above the Island of Creation, in a battle with Kratos, riding his Pegasus. After The Dark Griffin slammed Pegasus out of the sky with its tail, Kratos was able to hook onto the Griffin with his blades and climb on. He fought the Dark Rider and used the Spear of Destiny, his own weapon, against himself, stabbing both him and his Griffin with it and ripping off The Dark Griffin's wing, causing it to plummet to its death, with the spear lodged in its flank.

The Dark Griffin was later found in the Lowlands, as Kratos recovered the Spear of Destiny from its corpse. The Riders' corpse fell on some part of the Island of Creation and wasn't found again in the game.


  • The Dark Rider appeared to be the General and leader of all of the other Griffin Riders, and could have been one of the Fates' most powerful warriors.
    • The Dark Rider may be in fact the famed Greek hero, Bellerophon, changed to resemble his subordinates, as he uses a spear and rides a mythological being (in Bellerophon's case, he rides the Pegasus), also a reason why he was chosen to be the General of the riders.
  • In the novelization of God of War II, the Dark Rider is referred to as the Warrior of Destiny.


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