The Dark Halls are a section of areas in the Challenge of Hades in Pandora's Temple.

Dark hall

Dark Halls.

God of War

The Halls are only accessible to those who have lit the area with the Statue of Hades. Found at the top of the large stairway in the Chamber of Hades, Kratos must first traverse the challenges of Hades to make the statue of Hades turn and project light into the Dark Halls. The halls themselves are then booby-trapped with rolling fireballs, which Kratos must dodge in order to survive. There are nine doorways within the hall, of which all but one lead to dead ends.

At the end of the hall there is a crevasse in the middle of the floor where the player can find three chests. One with a Phoenix Feather, one with Health orbs and another with Red Orbs. There is also a book that reads "Eight dead ends. One way out. Can you find it before the flames of Hades consume you?" There are five doors on the right side of the hall and four doors on the left Hall. Seven doors are dead ends, one leads to a chest, and another leads to the cavern to continue with Pandora's Temple

Third door to the left leads to the cavern to continue with Pandora's Temple. Second door to the right has a chest with Health Orbs. All others are dead ends with no reward.

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