The Dark Griffin was the creature in God of War II that was ridden by the Dark Rider when he attacks Kratos with the Spear of Destiny.

In God of War II

The Dark griffin was the mount of the Dark Rider as much bigger and stronger then the other griffins. He's a huge dark blue griffin and have a giant beak. He attacked Kratos together with his master and finally killed Pegasus. After Kratos kills the rider, he then impales the Dark Griffin in the head with the Spear of Destiny, and then chops off one of its wings as well. The Dark Griffin is sent hurling to the Island of Creation where it dies instantly. Later in his quest, Kratos finds the beast's corpse in the Lowlands, and the spear still lodged in its body. Once Kratos removes the Spear of Destiny from the Dark Griffin's corpse, it's body will fall off the cliff.


  • Unlike the regular Griffins, who have the head of an eagle, the Dark Griffin haves the head of a Gastornis, a prehistoric carnivores flightless bird.

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