My people will not die because of--!

–Danaus (before death at the hands of Alrik)

Hermes' chosen warrior, Danaus made his only appearance in issue #3 of the God of War Comics.


Not much is known of this warrior, except he hails from a village in which all their livestock are rapidly dying. This is obviously his impetus for joining the quest for the Ambrosia.

Danaus is a slender looking warrior with a long braided ponytail and is only wearing a loincloth, vambraces and greaves, much like Kratos. He is seen leading members of his tribe into battle on horse back, holding pitchforks, spades and sticks in the air, while Danaus also commands his winged Rocs. His weapon of choice is what looks like a Machete, which he used to decapitate many of Alrik's men. Alrik, in turn, decapitated him before he could finish his goal statement. Even in death, however, Danaus proved himself useful to both Kratos and Alrik, as both used his head to command an army of Rocs to tear their enemies apart.

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