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Alrik holding Danaus' head.

Behold the head of Danaus. Even in death he has some purpose yet.


Danaus' Head is, of course, the disembodied head of the swordsman Danaus. Within it rests the power to command any animal to obey your every whim.

God of War Comics

After killing the swift warrior Danaus, the Barbarian Prince, Alrik, captured his head for future use. As Alrik and his Barbarians fought Kratos and his Spartans, Alrik unleashed Danaus' head, using it to command a flock of Rocs to attack the Spartans. Kratos, however, survived the attack and used Danaus' head to command other Rocs to tear Alrik apart. After which, Danaus' head was never seen or heard from again.

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