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Come my lovely. If pain is what he shows us then pain is what he shall recieve!


Alecto and the phoenix

The Daimon appears to be Tisiphone's pet and always aid her in battle. It aids her when she is stunned and never leaves her. It appears to be a blue bird or harpie-like beast with wings, and its head looks like the skull of a bird.

Tisiphone also considers the creature her son.

God of War: Ascension

In the game, the Daimon appears alongside Tisiphone wherever she is. In Delos, during Kratos first battle with the Furies in the game, Tisiphone has Daimon's and Megaera's aid against Kratos. She hangs on it so that they can preform dash attacks against him. When she's not hanging on to it, it tries to dash and bite Kratos while Tisiphone creates fury-like energy balls against him.

Later in Delos, as the Furies encounter Kratos at the Lantern of the Statue of Apollo, Alecto attacks Kratos with her black goo, but he easily breaks free of it using the Oath Stone of Orkos. After being trapped once more in the sludge, Kratos tries to use the Oath Stone again, but the Daimon takes it from him, eating the item in the process.

After the death of Megaera, Kratos encounters the Daimon alongside its master, Tisiphone, who orders the creature to take down the Spartan. Kratos defends himself and, using only his fists, retrieves the stone from the beast's belly.

The creature is killed by Kratos during the final battle between him and the remaining Furies, Alecto and Tisiphone. Kratos uses the Eyes of Truth to kill the beast.

Powers and Abilities

For having wings, the creature had the ability to fly and it had enough strength to carry Tisiphone. The creature is somewhat connected with Tisiphone's power over illusions, and seems to be made of solid fury-energy, like the illusion powers Tisiphone used against Kratos. It seems to be a very high concentration of illusion, which can only be killed by strong flashes of the Eyes of Truth.


  • Although Tisiphone can clearly fly in the game, she prefers to hang on Daimon when she fights against Kratos rather than flying by herself.
  • The creature's name is only mentioned when Kratos fought Tisiphone and Megaera in Delos: it smashed Kratos against a wall and as he fought Daimon, a tutorial was displayed, saying "Daimon Minigame", hinting how to attack the beast.
  • The word daimon or daemon are actually Latinized versions of the Greek δαίμων. In Greek mythology, daimons are spirit-like personifications of either good or evil. It's possible that this winged Daimon was Alastor, the spirit of family blood feuds and an inflictor of vengeance.


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God of War Ascension The Furies Boss Fight

God of War Ascension The Furies Boss Fight


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