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Dagsetr is a male Dragon and the flying mount of Baldur in God of War (2018).


Dagsetr became the mount of the God Baldur at some point, being the fastest way of transportation for the Aesir.

One day, under Odin's command, Baldur rode Dagsetr to Midgard so he could find a wanted Jötunn in order to find a way to Jötunheim.

Baldur rode Dagsetr again when he kidnapped the son of the Jötunn he was looking for, with the Dragon himself becoming the battleground where Baldur and the boy's father fought.

The fight raged on until Dagsetr's wings were wounded resulting in him falling to the Earth to his demise. His corpse landed near the World Serpent, a place where Kratos and Atreus can arrive to in order to collect a Dragon's Tear.

Powers and Abilities

Dagsetr wore a custom-designed armor, most likely of Asgardian craftmanship, which covered most of his body and sported two horns in his helmet. He possessed wings which allowed him to soar the skies.

He was never seen in combat, so it is unknown how strong Dagsetr was, nor which element, if any, could spew from his mouth.



  • While unnamed in-game, Dagsetr's name was revealed in the official Artbook of God of War.
  • Dagsetr was the second Dragon to die after The Great Culling of the Wyrms centuries ago, the first was Hræzlyr.
  • Dagsetr's helmet might be inspired by the goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr, who pull the chariot of Thor.
  • Dagsetr's character model, upon closer look, is simply a recolored and customized version of Otr's draconic appearance.