Cyclops Zombie

The Cyclops Remains.

The Cyclops Remains was an undead Cyclops Kratos encountered on top of the great Titan Cronos.

God of War III

While battling his way upwards on Cronos' arm, the Cyclops appears tearing his way out of an open wound on the Titan's shoulder. Much like his Berserker counterpart, this Cyclops can be mounted and controlled by stabbing its shoulders and back repeatedly.

With the Cyclops under his control, Kratos batters the flesh of the now open wound it appeared from, until the titan spots both of them on his shoulder and tries to shake them off. The Cyclops grabs on one of the metallic structures on the shoulder with one of its hands, and while it tries to hold on, Kratos stabs its neck multiple times before stabbing its eye, which doesn't kill it. Finally, Cronos grabs and swallows both it and Kratos whole.

While sliding down Cronos' esophagus, Kratos meets the creature once again, holding on it to avoid falling. Kratos makes it release the esophagus and fall to its death, gaining red orbs for it.


  • As hinted by its jawbone-like club, the Cyclops Remains appears to be the undead remains of a Cyclops Brute.
  • The undead Cyclops was possibly a Cyclops that Cronos swallowed whole, but didn't die. His skin was most likely scorched off by the acids in Cronos' stomach. Like Kratos, he managed to escape by cutting his way out.
  • According to the Character Graveyard, one of the scrapped ideas for the cyclops was that of a "Patchwork Cyclops", that resembled a corpse-like monster made from different body parts. David Jaffe, the director of the game, stated that he liked the design and could not recall the reason why they didn't use it, and wanted to keep it in mind for future projects. Quite possibly, the Cyclops Remains is the fulfillment of this idea.
  • The way Kratos harmed the Cyclops Remains is similar to the way he killed the Cyclops Berserker in the official teaser trailer by stabbing its eye.


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