Cyclops Brute 5

Kratos battling a Cyclops Brute in the Athens Town Square

Cyclops Brutes are enemies that appear both in God of War and God of War II.

God of War Series

God of War

They appear as standard Cyclops that wield a gigantic jawbone as a club. They attack Kratos by attempting to crush him with their club or stomp on him with their feet. They can also pick Kratos up, throw him to the ground, and pummel him with their club.

Kratos encounters these monsters a few times throughout Athens.

In God of War, after Kratos has stunned the beast, he can impale it in its eye with one of his Blades of Chaos, and then yank it head-first into the ground. However, doing this won't kill the beast, since it has to be stunned two more times to allow Kratos to finish it off.

God of War II

In God of War II, upon weakening the Cyclops, Kratos can kill it in a way just like how he kills a Cyclops Enforcer in God of War. Also, if the player fails in pressing any of the buttons of the minigame sequence, the beast's counterattack is the same that the Enforcers perform on Kratos with their spiked ball.

Cyclops Brutes are encountered twice in the game, on the outskirts of the Palace of the Fates and in the Inner Sanctum of the Temple of the Fates as the almost last non-boss enemy encountered in the game.

There is a unarmed Cyclopes called Cyclops Tyrants, who attack Kratos by striking at him with their fists or feet, or by picking him up and throwing him. If there are any Wild Boars around, a Cyclops Tyrant can pick one up, bite off its head, and throw it at Kratos like a projectile. When the creature has been stunned, Kratos can damage it by impaling it in its eye with one of his Blades of Athena, and then yanking the beast head-first to the ground, like with the Cyclops Brute. Tyrants are only encountered in the Destiny's Atrium.

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