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A cursed soul

Cursed Souls were spectral beings summoned by and possible bound to the Barbarian Hammer. These dangerous spirits would temporarily fight for whoever summoned them to the plain of the living.

During his fight with the Barbarian King, Kratos had to avoid these beings. When he killed the undead summoned by the Barbarian King, they would be absorbed into him, increasing his size and strength. Kratos would have to fight him until the spirits were released. After defeating him, Kratos gained his war hammer plus the Cursed Souls along with it. When summoned, they would attack the nearest enemy until they vanished.


  • The Cursed Souls act and fight very similar to the Army of Hades, save for the fact that gameplay-wise, they don't have the same duration time (they disappear faster), don't use up Magic, and don't seem to have the same power and damage as the Army of Hades (likely because the move can be used indefinitely and would make the game too easy if one could just spam such a devastating attack without repercussions). They can't juggle enemies like the Army of Hades, seem to do very little damage, and most enemies can block them indefinitely; they're good for extending the combo counter when the hammer is equipped, but little else in the eyes of some.

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