Creusa was the wife of Jason. She was also known as the princess of Corinth and daughter of King Creon.

Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Creusa (/kriˈuːsə/; Ancient Greek: Κρέουσα Kreousa "princess" ) or Glauce (/ˈɡlɔːsi/; Γλαυκή "blue-gray"), Latin Glauca, was a princess of Corinth as the daughter of King Creon.

In favor of Creusa, Jason abandoned Medea. In the version of the myth commonly followed by ancient tragedians, Medea obtained her revenge by giving Creusa a dress that had been cursed by the sorceress. The curse caused the dress, or Shirt of Flame to stick to Creusa's body and burn her to death as soon as she put it on.

In the God of War Series

God of War II

Jason Left Creusa and his children in the care of Medea but Medea killed them in a rage of jealousy, Jason hands to the Island of Creation, to have an audience with the Sisters of Fate, to get back Creusa and his children. After Kratos saves Jason he reveals that Medea has killed Creusa and children, Jason also says that he regrets leaving Creusa in the care of Medea.


  • In the novelization of GoW II, Jason tells Kratos that the reason he came to the Island of Creation is get back Creusa.
  • In mythology Medea killed Creusa and his children when Jason left them in her care.
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