The Codex is a journal kept by Atreus in God of War. He regularly logs lore and beasts that him and his father encounter throughout the game.


Jotnar Shrines

Hrungnir A mighty Giant made of frost and stone. Looks like he had a huge fight with Aesir and Vanir Gods. He battles Thor... and it looks like they both lose.

"Hrungnir the Brawler" - a head of stone, but the mind of a child. Odin tricks him into getting drunk and rowdy in Asgard. Thor smashes his head, but he ends up crushed, and everybody laughs. Aesir are the worst.

Skaði A legendary Giant huntress - one of Mother's favourites. She could hunt birds, boars, deer, anything! Her father taught her how... but what happened to him.
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