Chthonic or khthonic (from Greek χθόνιος – chthonios, "in, under, or beneath the earth", from χθών – chthōn, "earth") designates, or pertains to, deities or spirits of the Underworld. It typically refers to the interior of the soil, rather than the living surface of the land (as Gaia does) or the land as territory (as khora (χώρα) does). It evokes at once abundance and the grave.

Greek Mythology

Chthonic is a term used to describe Earth and Underworld gods and goddesses. In Greek mythology, Chthonic is contrasted with the ouranic, Olympian, or sky gods.

The Chthonic Gods

These are all the Chthonic gods and goddesses who appear and/or are mentioned in the God of War series:

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