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In the God of War series, Kratos will find Chests all throughout his quests. There are several different types of chests, which then yield different things when opened.

Types of Chests

  • Item Chest: a type of Magical chest found in all of the God of War series. It appears "unmarked" without any particular color glowing on top. When Kratos opens it, he may receive a Gorgon Eye, Phoenix Feather, or a certain amount of Red, Green, or Gold Orbs. In God of War II, some hidden chests contain Urns of Power. In God of War III and God of War: Ghost of Sparta, they appear as Gaia chests (Gold chests).
  • Red Orb Chest: releases Red Orbs.
  • Green Orb Chest: releases Green Orbs.
  • Blue Orb Chest: releases Blue Orbs.
  • Gold Orb Chest: releases Gold Orbs (only found in God of War II).
  • Combination Chest: flashes between green and blue. Opening it on a certain color will release either magic (blue) or health (green). In God of War II, some of them flash between gold and blue.
  • Gaia Chest: three hidden chests on the Island of Creation, which grant about 4,000 red orbs, a health upgrade, and a magic upgrade, respectively.
  • White Chest: only present in God of War III, and contain a combination of either red and green orbs, or red and blue orbs.

God of War (2018) Chests

  • Wooden Chest: they contain items like World Serpent Scales and Hacksilver.
  • Stone Chest: they contain items like gear, Solid Svartalfheim Steel and Symbols for sockets.
  • Legendary Chest: they contain items like Runic Attacks and Summons, Talisman, and Pommels.
  • Cipher Chest: they contain items like Cipher of Muspelheim and Cipher of Nifleim.
  • Nornir Chest: these are locked using magic. They contain items like Horns of Blood Mead and Idunn Apples


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